N2GSA mobile

In the late 90s I made a career change which pulled me away from my ham radio hobby and friends.

Recently, I decided to return to the hobby.  I still have no time and my antenna trees are now gone so I decided to build a high power mobile station in my sub-compact, computer dependent, plasti-mold, 2011 Honda Civic.  High power?  What could go wrong?

This is my current mobile station setup for 75 meters


here I am setup for 160 meters – notice the denser wound coil


The station currently consists of a dash-mounted Yaesu FT817ND QRP radio along with a desktop legal limit amplifier constructed by W6PQL in the trunk.  The amplifier requires a single 50 volt D.C. source.  That source is a string of 4 12-volt batteries which are charged from the automotive 12-volt system by way of a voltage converter.  The single voltage source aspect and the “over-design” is what led me to select this amplifier.

Batteries and electronics are all in a group 27 battery box also in the trunk.  A dash suction-mounted “pod” controls and monitors the 50 volt system and includes a 3KW cross needle SWR meter.  A separate meter pair monitors voltage and current consumed from the car.

Here is the dash


The antenna

Old antenna stuff

Trunk installation

Battery box / service module

More random pics


Comments or questions: n2gsamobile@gmail.com