N2GSA mobile

Having been off the air an extended period, I no longer had trees or mounts for an antenna at home so I turned to an old friend, mobile HF and decided to push it to the max.  It served me well driving back and forth to the salt mine for some years.

Here is my newest antenna, my Version II, with the 75 meter coil.  The capacity cage is copper covered with shrink tubing and the coil is 8 gauge copper 12 inches in diameter with 10 turns over 4.5 inches.


Here is a short video showing how the antenna is placed on the car. Here you see the 160 meter coil on thew antenna.

The Station

The station currently consists of a dash-mounted Yaesu FT817ND QRP radio along with a desktop legal limit amplifier constructed by W6PQL in the trunk.  The amplifier requires a single 50 volt D.C. source.  That source is 4 12-volt batteries charged from the automotive 12-volt system by way of a voltage converter.  The single voltage source aspect and the over-design is what led me to select this amplifier.

Batteries and electronics live in a group 27 size battery box also in the trunk.  A suction-mounted “pod” powers the amplifier on and off while indicating voltage and current.  A 3KW cross needle SWR meter is included.  A separate meter pair monitors voltage and current consumed from the 12 car system.

Here is the dash


Old antenna stuff

Trunk installation

Battery box / service module

More random pics

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