N2GSA mobile

Here is my Version II antenna with the 75 meter coil.  The capacity cage is flat copper with a heat shrink covering. The 75 meter coil is 8 gauge copper, 12 inches in diameter, with 10 turns over 4.5 inches.



This was taken after I straightened the cage a bit.  It features the 40 meter coil.  4 3/4 turns of #8  copper with a 12 inch diameter.



The Station


The station consists of a removable Yaesu 5 watt radio along with the, also removable, control pod; a 3KW dual needle meter joined to a power monitor & control panel. 

The 1.5 KW is provided by the trunk-located desktop amplifier constructed by W6PQL.  The amplifier is powered from 4 12-volt batteries in series which are charged from a 12 volt to 55 volt custom inverter.

Reach me at: n2gsamobile@gmail.com

Some new stuff: https://n2gsa.com/v3